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I'm Keely-Anna, the lady behind GlowFit.

I am a mum of three, teenage twin girls and a little boy. 

My Story

As a child my biggest passion was dance, Ballet in particular. I trained at the Northern Ballet School in Manchester and became a qualified teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. As a young adult I became interested in other forms of fitness and qualified in a huge range of styles which you will find in the list below. At just 21 I opened my own dance school providing dance and fitness classes for babies through to adults. I successfully ran my dance school for 14 amazing years. When I was pregnant with my little boy I became very interested in prenatal care and hypnobirthing. The birth of my twins was of a similar story to, unfortunately, most mothers; traumatic. This time I wanted to do things differently. I sucked in as much knowledge as I could and had the most beautiful birth. At this point in my life I felt that the dance school was no longer a priority, my new baby was. In September 2022 I made that hard, yet right, decision to close the doors. I couldn't just throw away my passion for dance so my Adult ballet class, Twilight Ballet, still continues and I also work one evening a week at a local dance school. Being a new mummy again has been amazing, he is such a good little boy. Everytime I look at his sweet face I feel so proud that I was able to bring him in to this world safely. I want to share this feeling with as many mums to be as possible so that is why GlowFit was born. I signed my self up for the extensive embodied birth coach diploma to provide new Mumma's with the best start to their pregnancy journey. But it doesn't end there at Glowfit we will also empower woman with hypnobirthing tools to decrease pain, trauma and anxiety as well as promoting fitness and mental wellness post birth. 

Mrs Keely-Anna Clark 

Certificate in ballet teaching studies 

Acrobatic Arts Module 1 

Instructor Level 2

Level 3- Advanced instructor

Active Healthy Adolescents

Total Immersion Diploma which includes the following qualifications:

  • Personal Training & Advanced Instruction

  • Torso Training and Core Stability

  • Exercise to Music

  • Applied Nutrition

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Health related Exercise in Children

  • Gym Instruction

  • Mat Pilates Improver Level

  • Mat Pilates Advanced Level

  • Psychology of Behaviour Change

  • Basic Step Instruction

  •  Choreography and Conditioning

  • Circuit Training 

Qualifications in progress:

Embodied Birth Coach Diploma which includes the following:

Hypnobirthing  Teacher Training 

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing (Positive Postnatal Planning)

Aromatherapy for Labour and Birth

Nurturing Touch for Birth Partners

Mother circle facilitator training

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Birth Anatomy and Physiology

Understanding physiological birth: Freebirth, Wildbirth, VBAC, Birth after trauma

Nourishing prenatal nutrition

Meditation and Breathework

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